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HQ Toulouse

118 ROUTE D ESPAGNE - 31100
Toulouse, France


C/ Poeta Joan Maragall 38- 4º - 28020 Madrid
Madrid, Spain


35 Merrion Square E, Dublin 2 – D02 KH30

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Frequently asked questions


Why should not use existing SCADA Data ?

The traditional anemometer and wind vane on a wind turbine are used to control the wind turbine. In particular, the wind vane allows the wind turbines to rotate and follow the wind direction. These measurements, behind the blades, are disturbed by turbulence and are inherently erroneous, despite sophisticated software to correct them.

Consequently wind turbines are not perfectly aligned with the oncoming wind direction, causing Yaw misalignment, lost performance and additional stress loads on the wind turbine.

The solution is to install on the top of the nacelle roof a LiDAR based sensor to measure in front of the blades. Consequently these sensors provides precise measurements of wind direction.


Do you take care of the entire process from installation to analysis ?

Yes !

We provide :

- all-in-one sensors

- installation on site

- raw data

- analysis reported directly usable

- support when applying the corrections

- calculations of gains after corrections

- uninstallation if needed of the sensors.