LiDAR YawAdvisor

Independent wind measurements

Diagnosis and optimization of wind turbine performance

Nacelle-mounted LiDAR

In contrast to conventional LiDARs, our LiDAR measures directly in front of the hub, thus reducing uncertainty measurements caused by complex sites or turbulence effects from neighbouring wind turbines.

YawAdvisor LiDAR

Specifically designed to provide the wind farm owners, operators and maintenance companies an independent, reliable, flexible and economic tool to assess the performance and proper alignment of wind turbines.


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The nacelle-mounted wind LiDAR YawAdvisor™ provides valuable information that enables multiple types of analysis of wind turbine performance and optimisation:

1. Comparative performance analysis using Operational Power Curves (OPC)

  • Power Curve analysis to compare performance before and after improvements on the wind turbine e.g. yaw or pitch modifications, blade extensions, upgrades, retrofitting, etc.
  • Power Curve analysis to compare wind turbines in a single wind farm, to detect above and below average performance.
  • Power Curve for Long term monitoring of performance and evolution over time.

2. Yaw misalignment detection, leading to increased performance and decreased stress loads : Average Static Yaw, Yaw behaviour at different wind speeds.

3. Sector analysis to determine yaw behaviour and Turbulence Intensity in different wind sectors.

4. Usable data for Wind turbine life extension estimations and reducing uncertainty in these estimations.

5. Free-stream equivalent Power Curve. Comparable with site assessment data or power curve verification.


The traditional measuring instruments on a wind turbine (anemometer and wind vain) are used to control the wind turbine. In particular, the wind vain allows the wind turbines to rotate and follow the wind direction. 

However these measurements, down wind from the blades are subjected to turbulence and will be inherently erroneous, despite sophisticated software to correct them. Consequently wind turbines will not be perfectly aligned with the oncoming wind direction, causing Yaw misalignment, lost performance and additional stress loads on the wind turbine.

The solution is to install on the top of the nacelle roof a LiDAR (laser anemometer) and measure in front of the blades. Consequently the Lidar provides precise and continuous measurements of wind speed and direction.


About Us

nacelle mounted wind lidar EPSILINE

Who We Are

EPSILINE is a SME company which develops wind measurement solutions based on laser systems (LIDAR) and serves the wind energy industry. The company is located in Toulouse, France.

nacelle mounted wind lidar EPSILINE

Our Mission & Vision

EPSILINE is an innovative company offering ‘state-of-the-art’ technologic solutions to the global wind industry, keeping a fine balance between high-end technology and the economic reality of wind farms.

Become the leading global supplier of intelligent wind measurement systems for the wind industry.


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nacelle mounted wind lidar EPSILINE

Our Values

  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Mentorship



André ANTOLINI, Chairman of the board

Christophe LEPAYSAN, Chief Executive Officer


sept 2nd, 2019 HUSUM Wind 10-13 Sept 2019

Please come to HUSUM Wind, 10 – 13 September, and visit us at our booth, Stand 2D02

mar 7th, 2019 WindEurope 2019 Bilbao, 2 – 4 April

Please come to WindEurope 2019 in Bilbao, 2 – 4 April, and visit us at our booth in the Pavillon France, Hall 1, Stand D60

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118, Route d’Espagne, F-31100 Toulouse, France
Tel : +33 5 32 10 83 50

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