[POSTER] Variation of the production loss coefficient as a function of yaw misalignment

An EPSILINE LiDAR, installed on a GE 2.5xl wind turbine, measures the wind ahead of the rotor.
Measurements were taken during 3 months.
The static alignment value of the wind turbine was changed automatically
every 30 minutes with four set points: 7°, 0°, -7°, -14°. The data was then
classified into four alignment operation classes: 0°, -5°, -10° and -15° (see
figure 4) after which the calculations were performed.
For each power curve, an AEP is calculated using the Weibull distribution of the
site and uncertainties are calculated according to the methodology of the IEC
61400-12-1:2017 standard [1]. The Cpp is then calculated using each AEP value.


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