The YawAdvisor – A Wind Lidar ready to Go

  • By Christophe LEPAYSAN
  • mai 2nd, 2016
  • News

In an increasingly cost efficient world, we know how important it is to be able obtain precise and reliable wind data. That’s why we have developed a fully operational wind LIDAR dedicated to Yaw error detection. We have successfully installed our “next” generation wind LIDAR, the YawAdvisor™ on a commercial and grid-connected wind turbine at a French wind farm on the Atlantic coast.

In the coming months we will be proposing a unique opportunity to test the YawAdvisor™ at commercially advantageous rates. If you suspect that Yaw misalignment maybe a source of lost revenue on a particular wind turbine, take this opportunity to test our instrument and clear any doubts on the performance levels. Benefit from a low down time during the installation and accurate data feed to asses significant yaw misalignment.

Interested? Please contact us for further information and details of our YawAdvisor™.