EPSILINE and VENT D’EST extend Lease Agreement of YawAdvisor

  • By Christophe LEPAYSAN
  • avr 26th, 2017
  • News

EPSILINE and VENT D’EST have agreed to an extension of their lease agreement of the YawAdvisor, to include a 3rd campaign of data collection on a wind turbine owned by VENT D’EST, situated at the wind farm Voie Sacrée in the French department of the Meuse.

Previously EPSILINE has completed 2 campaigns of data collection for the account of VENT D’EST on Gamesa wind turbines G58 and G90, with satisfactory results.

EPSILINE’s nacelle-mounted wind LiDAR, the YawAdvisor™, provides a diagnostic report of the nacelle yaw alignment in comparison to the free oncoming wind in front of the turbine, allowing corrective measures for increased wind turbine performance and reduced stress loads.

VENT D’EST, a historical actor in the French wind industry, is a wind farm owner in the department of the Marne and Meuse, France.