Another Stride for EPSILINE

  • By Christophe LEPAYSAN
  • sept 16th, 2016
  • News

With the summer months coming to an end and the beginning of the wind season, EPSILINE has successfully installed a YawAdvisor™ wind Lidar for VENT D’EST, a wind farm owner, for the evaluation of the system operations and benefits at a commercially operated wind farm in the North of France.


On a hot summer’s day in mid-August, with temperatures soaring to above 40° in the nacelle, EPSILINE, lifted, installed, aligned and switched on the device to begin a campaign of measures to determine the angle of the oncoming wind in front of the turbine and compare it with the angle of the nacelle. The installation was completed successfully within 4 hours, and accordingly minimized the down time of the wind turbine.


The YawAdvisor is the first of Epsiline’s “next generation” turbine yaw diagnostic system for utility-scale wind turbines. From its position on top of the nacelle, the YawAdvisor measures wind direction in front of the turbine, providing a yaw offset report to wind farm owners, operators and maintenance companies and thus giving insight necessary to optimally understand and control a wind turbine’s yaw performance for the purposes of increasing energy output and reducing damaging stress loads.