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août 25th, 2021 Impact of Yaw on Productivity and Wind Turbine life extension

More than 60% of wind turbines show the presence of Static Yaw leading to performance loss and in half of these cases, the AEP loss is greater than 3%. Yet the importance of managing Static Yaw has not always been among the wind industry’s top priorities, especially with high subsidised wind energy prices.


juil 15th, 2021 3 reasons a wind farm from Northern France has choosen WindEagle solution

A French IPP has identified a rotor imbalance on its wind turbines. Discover how Epsiline collected high data quality and helped the IPP to implement an effective monitoring method to increase its productivity and extend wind turbines life time’s.

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juil 13th, 2021 WindEagle orders in 4 countries

Great day for Epsiline as we continue expanding our global presence! This month we get orders for Windeagle solution in 4 different new countries : Epsiline reinforces its presence in Brazil, Argentina, Turkey and the Republic of Ireland and contributes to customer success with increased AEP through turbine optimization!